• Ava Bell

Netflix and Chill Sessions

Come over and let's get cosy while watching a movie and see where it leads...

Sometimes you might want to book in a with an escort that is dressed in the sexiest lingerie and have an extravagant and indulgent experience - and sometimes you may just want the company of a sexy woman who looks just as fantastic in an oversized T-shirt to cosy up with!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have subscriptions to all the popular streaming services and I am always up for cuddling while watching a movie or binging a good series. Having a laugh and a chat , maybe order some pizza and open a bottle of wine, or a coffee and some snacks ... and we can see where that takes us! This would be a perfect session for those just seeking some friendly company with a pretty lady; those wanting more of a 'real' girlfriend experience; or those who perhaps have never booked in with an escort before and are a little nervous and would like to do something more relaxed. So what are you waiting for? Contact me and let's chat about our favourite things to watch and our favourite pizza toppings and let's get cosy for a night in that won't soon be forgotten! xx Ava Bell.

Photos by the incredible Sekushi Studios.

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